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Linda Gunst

About the show

An old lady, a signified living room, tick tock tick tock...

Hearing the clock and the rarely mumbling of the old lady...

It's about growing old, the obliviousness and the loneliness...

It asks what is really important when the sands of life are running out...

Director  Linda Gunst

Actors Linda Gunst

Duration 15min
Language English

Short Biography  

Linda Gunst is a swiss actress and performance artist. She finished her Master in 2018 in Expanded Theater at Hochschule der Künste Bern.

Besides projects in Hamburg, Zürich and Bern, she’s often working as actress in movies and shows her solo performances like «Vergissmeinnicht» or «Mata Hari» in chosen places, for example as part of Frauen*streik in Bern.