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About the Festival

About us

HAJDE! is intended as a bridge. We wish to connect young, contemporary artists who live, work or have studied in Serbia, Europe and the world.

All across Europe there are artistic "hot spots", places with a rich and diverse artistic panorama and a pulsating, contemporary art scene. Young artists from all over the world come here to work or study in their respective fields. Likewise, also in Serbia, especially in a city like Novi Sad, new forms of stage art and an innovative generation of contemporary theatre is emerging.

On HAJDE! those artists have the opportunity to meet and present their works to an international public in the pictorial scenery of the Fruska Goran hills, just next to the city of Novi Sad. 

As the night will unfold, young actors, dancers, clowns, acrobats and performers will take to the stage under the open sky, surrounded by trees and bushes. 

HAJDE! is an ecologically sustainable event. We are committed to minimize garbage and electricity consumption and to respect the natural beauty which surrounds our event.

About us


Creative Network Panonika

Creative Network Panonika is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that works on the given fields:
culture and arts, education, mental and physical health, tourism and environmental protection. 


Jugend Bildet - Mladi Rade (Germany)

The association was founded in Berlin in 2014 with the aim of encouraging professional education, including student support, and stimulating co-operative development. The focus of the activities of the association is in Serbia with the aim of encouraging the construction of local structures. In partnership with Pannonica JB has carried out numerous projects, actions and seminars in the field of ecology and education, both, for youth and the  children.

Theatre Academy Dimitri (CH)

Not far from Monte Verità in Ascona, this Academy is known throughout the world for its avant-garde artistic experiences at the beginning of the twentieth century. This is a place where students are immersed in practice and artistic research in a total way, stimulated by the international environment that brings together students and teachers from about twenty different countries.

The H.O.M.E. Project

The Home Project is the umbrella name for several different action fields aimed at developing the relationship between nature and culture. The fields of our multidimensional are culture, art, gastronomy, ecology, tourism, as well as mental and physical health. We promote a simple and beautiful lifestyle by connecting global and local, urban and rural approaches to life in the 21th century.

Gorski Smeško

Fruška Gora's oasis of peace and relaxation in Popovica.
A place where you will spend time with the relaxing bird's songs and gentle bubbles of water! 

Enjoy in the relaxed mountain atmosphere. Pleasant breeze and friendly staff are waiting for you this season :)

Compagnie Digestif (Switzerland)

For years, Compagnie Digestif have enriched cultural life in the most various ways. - from satire, clown numbers, animations to contemporary performances. With a lot of empathy and professionalism they take on various assignments in the pedagogical field as well. It is characterized by its adaptability and its courage to realize even impossible assignments. Challenges represent a true enrichment of their artistic work. 

International Theatre Institute

This organization was created with the intention of supporting UNESCO's goals on culture, with the idea of establishing platforms for international exchange and for engagement in the education of the performing arts, for beginners and professionals alike, as well as using the performing arts for mutual understanding and peace. ITI has now developed into the world’s largest organization for the performing arts, with more than 90 Centres spread across every continent.

CWBI has 15 chapters around the world that work with the common vision: to offer joy and laughter to relieve the suffering of all persons, especially children, who live in areas of crisis. 
In the world of theatre, the stage presence of those on stage is fundamental for communication and public involvement. 

In everyday life, however, we often underestimate the potential of the presence that we carry as individuals.

Clowns without borders (CH)

National Park Fruška Gora (Serbia)

The name of the National Park originates from the same name of the mountain, and the name of Fruška Gora in its adjective form Frug in the meaning of "Roman"; in this way, the name of the mountain keeps a memory of an ethnic community that has lived here long ago.


Fruska Gora was declared a national park in 1960, in order to provide permanent protection. The area of active protection covers 25,525 ha.