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    Ana Impresije

Đačka Scena Šarene Iskrice

About the show


A modern expression, close to the understandings of today's youth, shown through the movement, emotions, and the power of cruelty from the Second World War.


This is not just the biography of a heroine, but the creation of new heroes and heroines of our lives in the future.​

Director  Ištvan Kereši

Acotrs Devai Tibor, Beata Čaki, Rebeka Horvat, Petra Nikolić McConnell-Duff, Bence Salai, Zita Tot, Sarah Horvat, Natalia Bagi, Zita Huska, Gabor Karona, Ines Bubalo, Anja Vorkapić,Nora Ladišić, Ines Juhas,Donatela Bakoš,Daniel Foro,Ema Berkeš,Atila Foro

Duration 70min
Language Body language