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And then he died

Luigi Guerrieri & Stefano D’Alessio

About the show

"Masculinity, sometimes, requires stupid choreographies." -

Paul B. Preciado

AND THEN HE DIED makes a party out of the struggle to define oneself as man, dealing with the early death of male reference figures, heroes and myths of manhood by literally throwing trash, glam, blood and fake rose petals onto the hidden places of yourself. 

Director  Luigi Guerrieri

Actors Stefano D'Alessio, Luigi Guerrieri

Duration 60min
Language Body language

website luigiguerrieri.wixsite.com

Short biography

Luigi Guerrieri lives in Vienna and works in physical theatre and performance as actor, director, creator, external eye and dramaturg. His artistic research is focused on the exploration of the meeting point between movement, dance and story telling. The aim is to explore new ways of telling that elude a classical linearity by playing with absurdity, irony and nonverbal language. Luigi realises this allowing himself to combine and blend various disciplines and approaches, as dance, anthropology, movement, music, Butō.


Stefano D'Alessio is a New Media artist and composer, lives and works in Vienna. He creates interactive performances and installations, combining visuals, sound, physical computing and performance through programming.

His research addresses the digitisation of the human in new technologies and virtual representations of the “real”, underlining the distortions and perceptive amplifications caused by them. His work involves the human body as a subject for analysing, coding, and decoding processes of the real/physical, in to digital/abstract.