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Belonging to No one

RadSam Company

About the show

The piece approaches different ways how war, by means of some

poems, takes input to become physical poetry on stage. The borders between theatre, dance,

music and circus are broken to share the same stage universe.

The body that is moved

from the home it belongs: the captive body, the mutilated body and its frustrated dreams.

Could we find redemption?

Director  Robert Diaz Diaz

Actor Robert Diaz Diaz

Duration 40min
Language Body language

Website  robertdiazdiaz.com

Kratka Biografija


Here it begins… with the desier to bring out of training rooms our dreams, we created a platform to make it possible! This formula we called it “RadSam Company”. We are working on the borders of the performative arts, challenging ourselves mixing circus, contemporary dance and physical theatre. We invite you to stay tuned with our new project because there are coming a lot of good surprises!