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Che Stress

Jean-David L'Hoste Lehnrrer & Jacob Sambeth

About the show


A minion years ago, humanity came to existance ​


Directors  Jean-David L'Hoste Lehnrrer & Jacob Sambeth 

Actors Jean-David L'Hoste Lehnrrer & Jacob Sambeth 

Duration 20min
Language Body language

Short biography


Hello to you.

We are happy that you are interested in us. We are Jakob and Jean-David. We met four years ago at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland.

Jakob; that’s the taller one, he is german and likes to throw and catch things. Jean-David is the older one. He is swiss and loves to keep himself in balance on one wheel. In short, we do circus.


But one day we told ourselves: „Why the fuck are we doing this?!?! We should add some theatre, dance, music or who knows what to tell our stories!“ And thats why we created the company. To share emotions, feelings and skills with other people. 

And since two years, we continue to throw things around and try to keep in balance... PourÇa.