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Workshop & Animation

Clowns without Borders - CH

Director  Giorgia Marzetti 

Actor Giorgia Marzetti

Short biography


CWB-CH is a non-profit association that gathers performing artists, clowns, musician, dancers, play workers, play specialists and intellectuals concerned by the world in which we live in. Our core mission is to encounter populations, especially children in distressed living areas of crisis across the world and create a space to heal from traumatic experiences caused by war or displacement.

Through its interventions, CWB-CH brings laughter as a form of humanitarian aid to people living in the gravest, most disaster-stricken and war-torn zones of the world.


CWB-CH is work in partnership with NGO’s and local associations and it’s a member of Clowns Without Borders International, a convergence of CWB associations from 15 different countries who believe in the power of Art and Laughter as a tool for Resilience and Change.

potential of the presence that we carry as individuals.

Duration 60min
Language English, Body language