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Ines / Had

Alex Zain & Mina Ćirić

Directors  Aleks Zain, Milica Ćirić  

Actors Aleks Zain, Milica Ćirić

About the show

"Ines" and "Had" are two short choreographic performances that together make up one whole, whose main feature is the collaboration of two artists with their different theme views and movement vocabulary.

Duration 20+20min
Language Body language

Directors  Aleks Zain, Milica Ćirić  

Actors Aleks Zain, Milica Ćirić

Short biography

Alex Zain is an interdisciplinary artist whose work includes performance art, contemporary dance, physical theatre and video. He was a student of Jan Fabre, VestAndPage, Marija Farmer, Marko Milić... He performed at Venice International Performance Art Week and Kondenz Festival. In 2019 he was chosen for the artist in residency program by the museum Nelimarkka from Finland.  With Mina Ćirić he performed at a panel dedicated to intersex rights and he is a current artistic associate of human rights organization XY Spectrum. He performed in Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. His work was exhibited in Amsterdam, Washington, and Belgrade.


Mina Ćirić is a graduated audio-visual artist (Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade), a playwright, theatre director and a performer. Her most recent plays are: „Thin Walls“ (writer, co-director, performer), „I Was Never Here“ (director).

She wrote several plays, one of them („Constrained“) was in the sellection for Sterijino pozorje.

She performed in the dance performance “Citizens Defeated” by Patricia Apergi on the Epidaurus Festival 2018. She co-created the dance performance “The Spiral of Silence”, performed in CZKD. She takes contemporary dance classes. She dances the traditional Indian dance Odissi. She practices yoga.