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Makhina Dzhuraeva

About the show

The show follows various cyclic processes of life; it consists of broken fragments that reveal the birth and development of a human being, a woman in love, a woman giving birth to a baby, an outcast of a woman, a woman that has herself as an enemy.

Director  Makhina Dzhuraeva  

Artists Makhina Dzhuraeva

Duration 45min
Language govor tela

Short Biography

Makhina is a director, dancer, actress, performer. She was born in Tajikistan and studied in Russia on "Direction and producing of show programs". 

In Russia she worked with different companies and directors receiving numerous awards.

At the moment she continues her study at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, pursuing her master degree in Physical Theatre

In 2018 Makhina created her own company of physical theatre “DINO”.