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KISS - Komični Akustični Mjuzikl

Alice in WonderBand

About the show

Kiss is a comedy, story of playing, flirting, teasing, competing, and, above all, love between men and women. Inventive, new musical arrangements of rock, pop and traditional songs from Balkans, with original songs of Alice in WonderBand are performed with the simplest means, only with body and voice. It’s a stunning celebration of sounds, rhythms, dance, acting, singing and acrobatics in its primordial form.

Director  Višnja Obradović  

Actors Ana Vrbaški, Marko Dinjaški

Duration 30min
Language Body Language

Short Biography  

Alice in WonderBand was founded in 1998 on Fruska Gora Mountain and since then the band has been performing and teaching in Serbia and region. They are the only artists in this part of Europe that have been developing very specific type of performing arts: unity of music, theater, dance, movement and acrobatics with special art of body percussion. They have been working with international body percussion artists and developing this technique which uses body as a rhythmical instrument. Alice in WonderBand is a lifelong project of musicians Ana Vrbaski and Marko Dinjaski, that are partners on stage and in private life for 22 years, which give their presence and relationship on stage completely new dimension.