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Summer flow

NS Acrobalance

Directors  Jelena Kikić, Nenad Savković

Actors Jelena Kikić, Nenad Savković

About the show 

Explore movement though a different point of view inspired by shapes that come when you work as a pair. For a piece to succeed all must participate. 


Duration 10min
Language Body language

Instagram  instagram.com/nsacrobalance

Short biography

With previous experience in the fields of dance and gimnastics Jelena Kikic and Nenad Savkovic, both from Novi Sad, Serbia, started exploring the world of acro yoga and partner acrobatics and form NS Acrobalance with the purpose of popularising and spreading their knowledge in this field in Serbia, that is now holding numerous workshops in the given field. 


Their goal is to inspire people to have fun without having to invest anything else but themselves.