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The Loathe and Love Band


Director  Antonio Ramon Luque 

Artist Antonio Ramon Luque 

About the show

“Where has all the magic of my childhood gone? Where have you gone, frightened  mini-me, who used to think yourself into a beautiful place to hide when the world was going under?!" Antonio Maccaroni opens a discussion about modern love, professional ambitions, comedy in our times and nonetheless about lost dreams.

The late night talk show-format will offer the public the oportunity to contribute on our conclusions of evergreen topics in life, art and faith.

Duration 20min
Language English

Short biography

Antonio Ramón Luque, *1993 in Lucerne CH; grown in Malaga ESP. To-be-gratuade of the University of the Arts in Bern CH in Expanded Theater. Residences in USA, Spain, France and Germany. With his character RAMóN SILVESTRE, developed in 2018 with musician Arem Foot, he urges the adulthood to give answers on doubts and fears about leaving Neverland.