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Život moj 

Academy of Arts Priština - Zvečan

Director Aleksandar Đinđić 

Actors Jelana Tjapkin, Mira Janjetović, Milica Filić,Nevana Kočović, Aleksandar Petković, Nikola Pavlović, Nikola Voštinić, Miloš Pantić, Lazar Nikolić.

About the show


Život moj is a show about authentic people who shared their stories, problems and fates with the actors of this performance. Later on this material was upgraded by actor's creativity and finally shaped into an exciting theater act for an hour and fifteen minutes..

Duration 75min
Language serbian

Short biography


The Academy Arts in Priština with a temporary headquarters in Zvecan is an acredited artistic-research and educational institution with the basic mission of realization of a high quality educational process in the field of art (in the field of fine arts, music and drama), the development of artistic knowledge in the fields of art, presenting artistic achievements in the field of painting, music and drama arts, as well as securing one of the leading positions in the region for educating staff in fine arts and music pedagogy.